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Need Videos? Come to our L.A. studio & Barbara will walk you through every step of the process, plus direct you on camera! You’ll love the results!


Barbara can be your Personal Mentor to fast track your success! Or join us at Video Boot Camp to receive training plus a professional studio session!


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Boost Your Skills, Confidence & Sales Power – FAST!

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This easy, step-by-step technique works – guaranteed – from start (what’s your message & unique brand?) to finish (shooting videos in our studio). Nowhere is there a more comprehensive combination of personal training plus custom video production. Our best referral is always a client who went somewhere else first.Video Marketing is the fastest way to grow your business today.
The stats are mind-boggling. A video on a landing page increases sales conversion rates by 86%! If you’re not using video yet your competitors are. What are you waiting for?

If fear or lack of skills have been holding you back, let’s fix it.
Maybe you don’t know what to say, or even what videos you need.
Or, maybe you ARE using video but it’s not having the impact you need to close sales.

You’re probably great at what you do. But presenting your message effectively, especially on-camera, is a different skill.
Even if you’re already a good speaker, translating it to video is very different. You must bring your performance “down” for the camera, and make a personal, authentic, heart-to-heart connection through the lens. You only have 8 seconds to hook your viewer. Make them count!

Media training will help you guarantee success.
Learn presentation skills, how to script your message, tricks for handling nerves, and technical “how tos” so you can go out and do it on your own. You’ll be rehearsed, confident and ready to go.
Every video, interview, pitch and presentation will be perfectly honed to target your ideal client and move him into action.

Why work with Barbara?
She is i
nternationally-acclaimed as Hollywood’s Top Business Media Expert. She honed her technique as a successful Actress, Speaker & Best-Selling Author for over 25 years. She developed Unleash Your Star Power! to share her professional tips & secrets with others. Her clients include business owners, corporate groups, Hollywood network heads, CEOs, professionals, sales teams, coaches, entrepreneurs, speakers and authors.

Using a savvy combination of front-of-the-camera performance skills, along with Hollywood quality behind-the-camera technical details, she guarantees stunning, top quality results. But clients say her main gift is the way she brings out their gifts.

She can help you too!
We have Mentoring Programs, Video Boot Camps and Private Coaching. Come to the studio to shoot videos. Or bring Barbara in to Speak and she’ll train your entire team. Whatever level you’re at, she will personally guide you every step of the way. 

FREE 25-Minute Discovery Call With Barbara
Includes a Personalized Review of Your Current Video & Marketing Materials

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Discover professional secrets and skills that will give you a competitive advantage in your next media appearance! You’ll gain confidence and up your performance skills to help ensure a home run every time!

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YOU ARE THE MOST AMAZING VIDEO COACH EVER!!! I still can’t believe how many videos we were able to shoot in an hour because your 20-minutes of pre-shoot coaching were so masterful. You make the intimidating experience of talking into a camera a fun and powerful one for getting my message out to the world.Rosemary Bredeson